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Our mission in three decades of operation in Iran’s food industry has always been improving the quality of health and nutrition of our society. Considering the deviance of traditional salt from international salt quality, we intended to improve the quality of salt by founding the premier salt production unit with vacuumed recrystallizing technology.

Pars Namak Kaveh Introduction

Pars Namak Kaveh is a premier purified salt production unit with recrystallizing technology.using this technology for the first time in Iran, Our company was founded in 2001. The technology used in Pars Namak was innovated by a well-known european company.

Pharmaceutical salt production according international standards

We can introduce the high quality and low heavy metals in salt which boosts healthfulness with 99.99% purity of pharmaceutical salt and 99.5% purity of table salt, first-rate recrystallized salt with European technology, acquisition of international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 17025, HACCP and GMP, and optimal organizational assets management.

Advanced Laboratory well equlped for products quality control

Pars Namak Kaveh's Laboratory is equipped with advanced measurement apparatus and has qualified personnel in order that they constantly measure purity and heavy metals in produced salt. In addition, ISO 17025 established in Pars Namak Kaveh laboratory which controls the pharmaceutical salt quality.